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Our Philosophy

The culmination of an education well-learned

Our Philosophy


The Spaulding School of The Arts has developed a new approach to learning that is student-centered rather than teacher- centered.  This approach has yielded to extra-ordinary results in the lives of our students.  Our students in-fact soared so high that top industry talents across different sectors began to take notice. As a result of these relationships, we are bringing some of the best training to you.

You do not need to be an active Spaulding Student to participate in our Masters Classes, and thanks to our School of Production, you may not even need to be a local Central Ontario resident.  Our Masters Classes may soon be broadcast by subscription across the world-wide-web.

Each Master’s Class will not only feature a conference style communication, but in true Spaulding manner, we aim to make each Master's Class as interactive as possible.  Our goal is to follow up each Master's Class with a “meet and greet”, where you can get to know our guest speakers directly in a catered style atmosphere.  These meet and greets are NOT intended to be a business networking strategy, but rather a friendly living-room conversation experience where each participant can get to know each other in a more inter-personal way.

With all of this in mind our philosophy is simple:
By bringing you the best trainers and talent we can, you will receive training by only the best, (in keeping with the Spaulding Philosophy).  By keeping each function interpersonal rather than dictatorial, each participant will receive the most out of the experience; this includes the guest speakers.  Often many of the industry’s top performers desire to meet with the public in a more intimate yet controlled environment, and this is what we are bringing to each party involved. 
Our philosophy is to bring excellence to you while empowering you to achieve greater excellence in your own life.  Yes, in the Spaulding commitment to excellence, our Masters Classes are bound to change your world and leave you with memories that you will savor for a lifetime.

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