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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a guest speaker?
Simply contact us through the quick contact form on our website.

How much are tickets?
Tickets range in price depending on the Guest Speaker.  Some Guest Speakers are required by law to teach for free because of industry non-competition clauses, while others require renumeration for their time.  No matter the Guest Speaker, there are hard costs associated with each Master Class; costs of transportation, lodging, etc.  Each Master Class is priced as affordably as possible to offset our costs, while providing you the best price possible. 

How do I get tickets to an upcoming Master Class?
Tickets for classes that have established start dates can be purchased through
If you do not see a Master Class represented there that you would like to attend, your Master Class may still be in the adjudication process. The Adjudication Process is where members of the community and general participants voice their desire for us to host a specific Master Class.  Much like a reserve bid in an auction, once we find enough interest in hosting a Master Class, we then go through the expense required to bring the Guest Speaker in, as well as, pre-sell tickets for the upcoming event. 
To cast your vote on a Master Class.  Simply contact us on that Master Class information page.

Where are Master Classes held?
Each Master Class location is different based on the number of participants, desires of the Guest Speaker and many other variables.

If I cast a vote for a Master Class am I required to attend?
No you are not required to attend a class if you have voted your desire for that class. We do our best to set classes on dates and times where members of interest can attend, but we realize we can’t please everyone.  By casting a vote you are merely helping us to further understand the needs of our populace in order to facilitate the best experience possible for all involved.

Do I have to be a Spaulding Student to attend a Master Class?
No, anyone can attend our Masters Classes.

How do online Master Classes work?
If you would like to attend online, a link will be given to you in order to attend a live stream.   All details will also be emailed to you prior to the Master Class starting. 

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